I visited Australia’s most haunted site and witnessed the most bizarre thing!

Documented ghost stories have been reported in Port Arthur since 1870 when the prison was still in operation and currently it is ranked Australia's most haunted site. On my holiday to Tasmania earlier this year my family and I visited Port Arthur for its history, architecture and of course its ghost tours.  I've always been incredibly … Continue reading I visited Australia’s most haunted site and witnessed the most bizarre thing!


Three Beautiful destinations in Sydney to avoid the city buzz

Sure, we all know that Sydney is famous for it's dazzling tall skyscrapers and it's fine architectural work, the Opera House, but where would you go if you wanted a peaceful day out? Here are three beautiful places in Sydney to escape, to avoid the bustle of city life. Wentworth Point Walk along the Parramatta … Continue reading Three Beautiful destinations in Sydney to avoid the city buzz

Three favourite places in Tasmania

Tasmania is definitely not one of the first places in mind when planning for a holiday but  there are none the less quite a few nice places to visit up there, (Though I don't recommend staying for longer than 5 days). Besides the nature, mountains and water which is what Hobart is famous for, Here are … Continue reading Three favourite places in Tasmania

5 Things you have to do in Queensland

Queensland is one of my favourite places in Australia (probably equal first with Melbourne) and it's honestly the best getaway from the cold in winter! This winter I went to Queensland for the third time, first landing in Gold Coast and then Cairns a week later. Not only was the weather perfect there; full sunny … Continue reading 5 Things you have to do in Queensland

Jenolan caves

    The Blue Mountains is one of the most popular holiday destinations for not only international tourists but for locals like myself. But the hikes, Three Sisters and Scenic rail aren't the only eye-opening attractions, Jenolan Caves is also really worth visiting! The Jenolan caves are a collection of naturally formed caves located only a 1-2 … Continue reading Jenolan caves

Famous Uncle Tetsu’s Cheesecake

Good Evening fellow foodies! It's pretty late and I have a load of work to catch up for uni tomorrow but I'm really excited to blog about this haha. So, today I finally had a chance to try the Famous Cheesecake on George Street. Yep the one that has blown up our social media pages and claims … Continue reading Famous Uncle Tetsu’s Cheesecake

Three must-visit natural beauties of Australia

 While I dream of canoeing in the rivers of Venice and indulging in Creme Brulee under the Eiffel Tower, I am merely only a uni student and honestly cannot afford those luxuries. So, I have resorted to travelling within Australia and while I haven't been everywhere, I have been to quite a fair share of places in … Continue reading Three must-visit natural beauties of Australia

Empress Falls vs Leura Cascades

Hey there Bloggers! This is my first official post on this blog and after much thought, I've decided to post about my two amazing yet different experiences at our very own famous Blue Mountains! Empress Falls  My trip to empress falls was in early January, despite the hot days we have in our summer we … Continue reading Empress Falls vs Leura Cascades