I visited Australia’s most haunted site and witnessed the most bizarre thing!

Documented ghost stories have been reported in Port Arthur since 1870 when the prison was still in operation and currently it is ranked Australia’s most haunted site.

On my holiday to Tasmania earlier this year my family and I visited Port Arthur for its history, architecture and of course its ghost tours. 

I’ve always been incredibly interested yet skeptical about ghosts, unsure of whether or not to believe in their existence, but that’s exactly what adds to the thrill of tours like these. You can take many tours throughout the day, but due to time constraints, we took an evening tour right before the sunset.

The tour basically consisted of a guide taking us to the different buildings and sites of Port Arthur, explaining its history and then recounting real life documented ghost reports at each place. No scary things. No zombies jumping out at you. Just stories.

Real Stories.

But of course, the stories are as real as to the extent that you believe in them.

As I listened to these intriguingly “real” stories I admired the fine details of the architecture. I had my canon wrapped around my neck as I took photos of everything, from the elegant scenery to the  antique remnants of the historical towers. At one point we had to enter into an underground dungeon of a surgeon and to preserve the mood of storytelling we were refrained from using flash photography.

The general gist of this story here went something like this:

A media organisation came to this site to film a documentary regarding its history, however during filming, a bright pale blue shadow emerged from behind the surgeon’s desk that was recorded by the cameras. Baffled by this, Port Arthurs management immediately requested a copy of this video and upon a second inspection, there was no longer any sight of this pale human figure in the videos. 

At the time I was still snapping photos of the surgeon’s desk until I noticed that one of my photos contained a bright white light on the left-hand side. While I was confused as to how this occurred considering that my flash wasn’t on, I assumed someone had walked in front of me and their arm or elbow must have been at some angle that caused this sort of effect. I basically pointed out my frustration to my little brother and whispered, “Look, some annoying person walked in front and ruined my photo.”

“Look, some annoying person walked in front and ruined my photo.”

As I left that building, I went through my album to clean my memory space and amazingly the light wasn’t in the photo anymore. The photo was completely dark with nothing unusual and no bright lights. I showed it to my brother and we both have chills about it till today.

I have no idea what happened back there, but it was a truly bizarre experience that I will never forget! Obviously, I don’t have a photo of what I saw, but at Port Arthur, you can see photos others have captured of unexplained glowing figures and read more about documented hauntings at this site.

So if you’re courageous enough for a thriller or have an interest in history and architecture, Port Arthur is a must-visit when you’re in Tasmania. Even if you’re not keen on ghost tours, the scenery and historical towers are absolutely beautiful and worthy of a visit none the less.

For more about Port Arthur visit:

Port Arthur


2 thoughts on “I visited Australia’s most haunted site and witnessed the most bizarre thing!

  1. Ooh very interesting, I like ghost tours and history. I will definitely visit Port Arthur when I go to Tasmania for a holiday 😀
    Great photos by the way, you’ve captured the beauty of the place nicely.


    1. Thank you so much for your comment! Tasmania is actually a nice place to go for a few days for relaxation! give me a shout before you go and i’ll let you know of some really nice places 🙂


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