Three Beautiful destinations in Sydney to avoid the city buzz

Sure, we all know that Sydney is famous for it’s dazzling tall skyscrapers and it’s fine architectural work, the Opera House, but where would you go if you wanted a peaceful day out?

Here are three beautiful places in Sydney to escape, to avoid the bustle of city life.

  1. Wentworth Point

Walk along the Parramatta river accompanied by an elegant small city view of modern industrial buildings and bridges. Wentworth point is clean and peaceful, rendering it perfect for picnics by the water. Alternatively, enjoy cafe food from a selection of restaurants within a 2-minute walk from the waterfront.

You can even explore the hidden gem of the SS Ayrefield, the 1140 tonne transportation collier used in WW2 that now acts as a shipwreck site.

Whether it’s for walks, cycles or photography, Wentworth point is truly worth visiting.

2. Parramatta Park

Treat yourself to a sight of astonishing colour and nature at one of the world’s oldest parks. Take one of the many self-guided tours and learn about it’s rich and unique history and Aboriginal background.

It’s the ideal place to take the kids to the playground and get active or even just to read a book under their beautiful willows. Then, complete your day and truly indulge in a selection of fine tea and desserts in one of Australia’s oldest Tea houses  – The Gatehouse Tearooms



3. The grounds of Alexandria

If you love coffee, patisserie, cakes and vintage vibes, the grounds of Alexandria is the perfect place! Built in an old pie factory, you can visit their gallery which consists of adorable animal farms and flora displays. They also have stalls where you can buy pottery, plants, cheese and coffee beans.

Famous for its quality coffee, food menus and exquisite line of patisserie, you’re guaranteed to enjoy yourself when you visit the grounds at any hour of the day.

The organic garden in the grounds is beautiful enough for weddings to be held so it’s a truly unique and beautiful place you cannot miss!

Sydney city is amazing, but who doesn’t love a bit of a chill time with personal space surrounded by nature’s gift here and there?

What’s your go to escape place?


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