Three favourite places in Tasmania

Tasmania is definitely not one of the first places in mind when planning for a holiday but  there are none the less quite a few nice places to visit up there, (Though I don’t recommend staying for longer than 5 days).

Besides the nature, mountains and water which is what Hobart is famous for,

Here are my top three favourite interesting places in Tasmania

  1. Museum of Old and New Art – Mona

I am not usually a museum person to be honest, I appreciate art but not incredibly abstract artworks in a lot of museums. However, this is by far the most beautiful and unique museum I have been to (and considering how my brother is an artist, I have been to many museums trust me).

This museum is located on a private island called Mona an hour away from Hobart, so you have to take a cruise to get there. What I found incredible about this museum, was that the museum itself appeared to be artistic in its own way, with beautiful eccentric stairways, peculiar turns and hallways. In addition, the artworks were just as interesting and pieces of work that I have never seen anything alike! Check out some of these photos and you’ll know what I mean, this place was the highlight of my holiday 🙂

2. Port Arthur Historic site

For those who love historic architecture like I do, you’ll love this place! While a lot of the buildings are incomplete and slightly ruined, you can see the preserved history at this site.

Here you can take tours and learn about the stories of convicts who were prisoned here, but the most awesome part is the ghost tours. We took an evening ghost tour (because I love the thrills) and while no ghosts jump out at you, they take you through each site and tell you real cases of reported ghost stories at each place. My family witnessed something quite strange as well, but that’s a whole other story, and believe it or not this place is ranked Australia’s most haunted site (in other words the largest amount of cases reported). Incredibly awesome (or scary if you don’t like ghosts) place.

3. Richmond

I had to weigh between Richmond and the Salamanca markets for this third one, but because there are markets in every city, I went with Richmond.

Richmond is an old fashioned small antique town, with shops and cute cafes. While there isn’t anything amazing there, I enjoyed strolling the streets and admiring the architecture of the buildings. There is also a nice bridge where you can sit on the grass by the water and enjoy a picnic or something.

Screen Shot 2016-08-24 at 10.06.48 AM

Even though there isn’t a whole lot to do in Tasmania, it’s still worth visiting for the beautiful scenery and sight seeing!


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