Jenolan caves



The Blue Mountains is one of the most popular holiday destinations for not only international tourists but for locals like myself.

But the hikes, Three Sisters and Scenic rail aren’t the only eye-opening attractions, Jenolan Caves is also really worth visiting!

The Jenolan caves are a collection of naturally formed caves located only a 1-2 hour drive from the centre of the Blue mountains. The drive to the Caves is as beautiful as the caves themselves with twisted windy forest roads accompanied by a spectacular view. For me, the drive itself was convincing enough and to top it off the entrance to the caves looked incredibly awesome.

There are a range of different guided cave tours as well as an external self-guided cave tour. The self-guided tour is a free walk, quite like an easy hike and the rock surfaces are a nice view. However, it is the guided Cave tours that I found truly amazing! There are a range of different guided tours, each Cave having different themes and entry prices. Each Cave is also graded with a difficulty level so people of all fitness levels can tour these caves. It’s perfect for anyone to go on a holiday and totally an excuse to take your family no?

My partner and I chose the orient cave for it’s large chambers and colours. We went in a group of about 20 people and the tour guide told us stories about each chamber as we went through. Some of the chambers are actually huge, and they are like nothing i’ve seen before. There were also a lot of glamourous rock crystals that don’t look anything like your conventional crystals. So for those of you who haven’t been to any underground caves like myself, this is definitely worth seeing! The steps to this chamber were quite steep but not a hard walk, it is dark inside though so you have to watch your step.

The only downside to the caves is that each cave can be quite expensive and if you wanted to take the tours to many caves it would add up to quite a lot. Also, people or young kids who aren’t interested in archeology or natural rocks might find the tours less amazing than I did.

I couldn’t take detailed photos because we weren’t allowed to use flash and it was quite dark in there. But i promise these photos aren’t filtered. They’re beautiful aye!




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