Three must-visit natural beauties of Australia

 While I dream of canoeing in the rivers of Venice and indulging in Creme Brulee under the Eiffel Tower, I am merely only a uni student and honestly cannot afford those luxuries.

So, I have resorted to travelling within Australia and while I haven’t been everywhere, I have been to quite a fair share of places in our  country. Now, unfortunately for me, this means a lot of nature, because, well Australia doesn’t really offer that much more.

But fortunately, this means I have seen some truly beautiful natural landmarks and here are my top three favourites that I think EVERYONE has to visit someday (And it doesn’t cost much at all :).

  1. Twelve Apostles- Melbourne

The 12 Apostles is by far,  the most beautiful place I have ever seen in my entire life. It’s a little bit of a trek outside of Melbourne, so for those who didn’t drive, be prepared for long bus rides. But it is so worth, trust me. There’s a reason why this place is called one of the Natural wonders of the world! The photos I took just could not do the place justice, you HAVE to see it in real life!

       2.      Green Island -Queensland

To get to Green Island you have to take a 1-hour cruise from the Great Barrier Reef. With the waves being incredibly strong that day and my vulnerability to motion sickness that didn’t go too well. So I kind of got onto the Island not feeling great, but when I saw how beautiful and clean the Island was none of that mattered anymore. Green Island has absolutely crystal clear waters, it’s no wonder it is such a popular site for scuba diving! Lying on the sand on the beach by the water is so relaxing! I also have to add that Queensland has fabulous weather all year round, it’s the perfect place to avoid the Sydney cold in winter (which is exactly what I did). You won’t believe it but the water is actually this colour!

           3.    Drawing Room Rocks- Kangaroo Valley

There Isn’t too much to do at Kangaroo Valley, but It’s a great getaway for a few days. Their most beautiful features are their roads and their paths, driving along the roads make us feel like we’re in a racing game. I literally thought we were driving through a forest in fairy tales because the view was so spectacular. Drawing Room Rocks is one of the many hikes in Kangaroo valley, and it is the most difficult hike I’ve been on. I honestly questioned whether I’d make it to the top alive, and If I’d make it back home after that. Not simply because the hike was hard, but there were no proper paths, steep falls, no humans at all, and no signal. The view at the top was truly rewarding, and you can stand right by the edge which I thought was awesome!

Here is a pic of Ed by the edge 🙂

Who said nature wasn’t interesting?


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