Famous Uncle Tetsu’s Cheesecake

Good Evening fellow foodies!

It’s pretty late and I have a load of work to catch up for uni tomorrow but I’m really excited to blog about this haha.

So, today I finally had a chance to try the Famous Cheesecake on George Street. Yep the one that has blown up our social media pages and claims to be the best-selling cheesecake in the world.

I went Midday today to avoid School kids and that jazz, but there was still a line so I can’t imagine what peak hour for them would be like. The wait for us was about 10 – 15mins which was Ok, and seeing how literally everyone walked around with one of these Uncle Tetsu bags, I was getting pretty excited.


The cheesecake costs $17.99 and they sell these little cupcakes separately as well. The Store is quite cute too and you can see everything that is going on in the bakery as they make it 😀

But after trying it, I was really disappointed and felt like my $18 could’ve been spent better.

These are the reasons why I didn’t like the cake and why maybe you will!

  1. The cheesecake wasn’t cheesy enough: I love my cheesecakes, super cheesy (That’s why I’d go for a cheese and not a normal cake right?) but this cake only has a very faint taste of cheese, by faint I mean really faint. If it wasn’t called cheesecake It might’ve taken me some time to actually realise it had cheese in it. But some people like their cheesecake less in-your-face cheesey 😛
  2. Wasn’t sweet enough: I think this is just because I’m a crazy sweet tooth, but when I eat cake, I expect it to be sweet, and this just isn’t. My mum who Isn’t as into sugar, found it really nice!
  3. Super soft and fluffy: This is what the cake it advertised for. It’s fluffyness and it sure was fluffy haha. But that made it feel like I was eating nothing, and it’s texture seemed more like a sponge cake than a cheesecake. Again, some people will love this!
  4. Egg flavoured: This isn’t a negative thing, i quite like egg, but this was the first cheesecake i’ve had that tasted sorta like an egg tart.

For me, I definitely wouldn’t spend another $18 on this cheesecake, but it is truly a unique tasting cake that I think is worth to try!


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