Empress Falls vs Leura Cascades

Hey there Bloggers!

This is my first official post on this blog and after much thought, I’ve decided to post about my two amazing yet different experiences at our very own famous Blue Mountains!

Empress Falls 

My trip to empress falls was in early January, despite the hot days we have in our summer we went at the end of a rainy week. While that meant the grounds were muddy and slippery, and our risk of encountering leeches (yuck) was increased. We did do this for a specific reason: so we could witness a giant waterfall at the end of Empress falls.

The first comment I have to make about hiking in the Blue Mountains, is that the hikes are generally constructed well, with metal stairwells, railings and nicely carved paths so it’s the perfect starting point for beginners. Empress Falls though, is no easy hike which is why it is categorised as ‘hard.’ I didn’t understand this until I reached half way where the flight of stairs that descended to the bottom of the falls became incredibly steep. You know what that means, yep an incredibly steep upper climb on the way back. Thanks to that, the hike took about 4 hours there and back.

So was it worth?

Definitely! Besides the few distant but amazing view of maintains and waterfalls, Out of the hundreds of hikes I’ve taken, Empress falls was one of the most beautiful destinations I’ve been to. You can even climb into the very heart of the waterfall and the caves and it’s truly breathtaking.

Leura Cascades

Leura Cascades is quite a different hike, while it wasn’t necessarily easier, there were less steep inclines and the walk was relatively consistent.

Unfortunately, for me, it was slightly underwhelming. The actual view wasn’t as nice as the photos portrayed online and since Leura wasn’t necessarily a hike to the bottom of a waterfall like Empress falls, the falls were nothing incredibly special.

However, Leura did allow us to get close and personal with the water with many small waterfalls and very few distant views.

So which one should you take?

Eventually, I think you definitely have to visit both. But Leura is a less intense hike, so for those who are new to hiking it’s probably a good idea to start with Leura. Whereas for those who want a breathtaking final view and cut for a physical challenge, Empress Falls is definitely my favourite. I know some people will hate how I say this, but going to any waterfall after the rain will really enhance your experience! There’s a huge difference in what you’ll see.  Plus if you’ve decided to go hiking, a bit of mud and dirt is expected no?


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